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Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

We don’t have to mature – we can stay in the attitude of immaturity.  Or we can choose to grow, to become wiser as we age. If we want to.

The Bible talks of growing up, of maturing.  It talks of putting childish ways behind us.  Why?  Because we were created to be like Jesus.  We should want to grow and mature because it draws us back into being closer to what God intended.  We call this “discipleship”.

It’s not just about learning (though learning plays its part) – becoming like Jesus means not just knowing stuff, but learning to speak like Jesus, to think like Jesus and to act like Jesus.

Now that sounds like a tall order – and the truth is: it is! But today, here and now, God knows that we will not be perfect – and isn’t disappointed when we aren’t.  But He does seek followers who are willing to progress, who are willing to keep on going, come what may.

The Bible talks about God using all things for the good of those who love Him. All things. That means that even trials and temptations will be used.  Whatever the source of such trial and temptations, God will use them to build our character.  He will use them for good.

So discipleship is everything that builds and grows us into being more like Christ.  The easy bits and the tough stuff – we should grow through it all.

Let’s learn, let’s grow. Let’s keep going. To be like Him.




There has been a lot in the news recently about Harry and Meghan.  They are struggling with being in the royal family while also being there for each other when their every move is scrutinised by the press, by the public and by anyone who cares to notice!

We can’t imagine what it is like – most of us struggle with any sense of being watched by others, and of course social media can amplify and exaggerate the sense of scrutiny – but they must feel it all the more.

All because they happen to be in one particular family.  An answer might be that they contribute less to that family – to not be viewed as “senior royals”.  But there is a truth: they are still in that family.  While there can be practicalities and – we hope – wisdom about how it works in practice, there is no getting away from being in a family.  And that can and should be a good thing.  Family is important.  God is interested in family.

He didn’t create us to be isolated – He always intended us to be part of a bigger entity.  We have our blood families, but we also have – through Jesus – our adoption into God’s family.  We join with others to be his people on earth – the church.  We have fellowship with each other.  It doesn’t come without effort – we have to work at relationships.  But God put us into His family, a community united in Him. Rejoice in church – and let’s enjoy the fellowship we have with each other.




We are here to worship.  As we ask who we are and why we are here – and we start to understand the answers – then we have to look at God and we have to consider the need for “worship”.  It is part of who we are, and it will be borne out: if not in worship of God, then in the worship of other people, movements or things.

In church we easily associate worship with music – and if anything, that is an increasing trend as people increasingly want church to be an “experience”.  That isn’t necessarily bad so long as it doesn’t result in a casual faith which, without any substance, might be easily battered by the world. But worship is not defined by music.  It just happens to be that music is a powerful example of worship which many people can share.

But worship is personal AND it’s shared.  Worship is looking at something, or more particularly someONE, and honouring, acknowledging, giving glory and praise.  With God, it’s realising who He is and being able to respond in our words, our actions and even in our thoughts.

Worship is precious, and yet it’s for everyone.  It’s accessible – and God loves it.

As we worship we can bless God – but in His grace the worship we offer Him is an opportunity that He often uses to bless us back.

We are here to worship, we are here to bow down and say that He is God.

Worship Him.  Worship Him today.