Our History

The character of the church is to encourage, support and resource the people of Chelmsford.

We are and always will be committed to Chelmsford and its people.


Church Origins

Chelmsford Community Church was started in 1974 to be a church that embraced the new wave of enthusiasm for the Christian faith.

The church has met in several locations over its 40-year history – until recently operating out of office space on Broomfield Road and renting Westlands Community Primary School to host Sunday services.

We now are delighted to have our own premises!  Trent Road Centre is a newly re-furbished church building which has a been a church for over 50 years, operating as a United Reformed Church until recently.  Chelmsford Community Church bought the building in June 2014 and after re-fitting and furnishing has opened for business.

The current membership is 60 adults with regular attendance of over 70 adults and children.  Since opening the doors of Trent Road we have squeezed over 150 into the building on special occasions!

Co-operation and Community Involvement

The church has consistently sought to engage with other churches and is a member of both cross-church organisations operating in the city: "Churches Together in Chelmsford" (CTiC) and "Chelmsford and District Evangelical Fellowship" (CADEF). The church was instrumental in establishing "Chelmsford Churches", a city-wide resource on the internet to promote the wider church community, now run by CTiC.

Chelmsford Community Church has been instrumental in inter-church initiatives. It organised the "Prayer for Transforming Chelmsford" meetings held at the Shire Hall and attended by many church members throughout Chelmsford. We regularly prayed that Chelmsford would become a city. The church initiated "Chelmsford Praise" in the Cathedral – a series of city-wide services that brought international names to Chelmsford (including Tony Campolo, spiritual advisor to President Clinton) as well as local dignitaries.

The church has maintained a policy over many years of giving a percentage of its income to agencies and causes that are outside of the church.

Wider associations

Chelmsford Community Church is an independent church, but is linked in to the Ground Level association of churches.  We also have close links with Covenant Blessings Church in India.